FAQ for the ANZACBS Online global webinar series

Thank you for your interest in joining us for the global webinar series!

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions.
We will continue to update this page with answers to questions you ask.
If the answer you seek is not here, fill in the form below or email us at support@anzacbs.com so that we can assist.


Please bookmark our webinar page announcements here and we will be sure to keep that page updated with recent changes and news.


For any webinars you purchase, the replays and materials will appear in your member area the day after each webinar. Some webinars have an expiry date which is listed on the webinar sales page and in the purchase confirmation - make sure you watch the replay before the expiry date.

If you are new to the ANZACBS webinars with this event, your unique login details to access the webinar replay and materials have been emailed to you separately with the subject: "Welcome to your ACT Pioneers members area!"

Your login email for the replay area has been sent to you from the sender: ANZACBS Online (delivery@productdyno.com).

Please file this email so that you can find your login information again in future.
We are an 8 hour per week office and can't always respond to your request promptly.

If you are unable to locate your login email in your inbox or spam folders, use the "Access your purchases" button in your original purchase receipt to see instructions for accessing your replays.

Your username is the email address you used to register for the webinar (the same one the receipt and webinar confirmation were sent to).
Use a forgot password reset to set a new password.

Depending on which webinars you purchased you will have a different replay area to login to. Use the links below to access the correct area and remember to use the email that you used to purchase the webinar as your username. No other email address will work unless you requested to change it previously.

Series of 4 ACT Pioneers (Steve, Kelly, JoAnne, Robyn)

Series of 3 ACT Pioneers (Kelly, JoAnne, Robyn)

Individual webinar purchases:

Steve [replay available]

Kelly [replay expired]

JoAnne [replay available]

Robyn [replay expired]


For instructions about joining the live event check your inbox or spam folder for an email with the following subject header: "Confirmation: [event name]"

If you have not received the confirmation email please contact support@anzacbs.com for further support (an incorrectly typed email address during the registration process can break the webinar registration so we'll need to correct it ahead of time.)

Check that your system is setup to access the live event using your Chrome browser here: https://event.demio.com/system

These webinars are held using the Demio platform and require you to attend using the Chrome web browser, or the viewer app on your iOS device.

The Chrome browser version, permissions, and internet speed all have an impact on the webinar.

These things can be checked in advance by testing your system here in your Chrome browser: https://event.demio.com/system

If all these things are good for you you will see a lot of green ticks on the system check page.

For most people, if there is a problem it will be with the Speed Test results at the bottom of the system check page.

Many people, particularly in Australia unfortunately, will receive a warning sign next to the Upload speed, and some will also receive a warning about the Download speed.

If there is a speed warning it is accompanied by this message:

"Unfortunately, your internet connection does not meet our bare minimum requirements. You may have issues attending a webinar on this connection."

For Attendees, the Upload speed is not important so this warning can be ignored, but the Download speed definitely affects your experience.

For most people, as long as the Download speed is greater than 1Mbps (as per the result on the System Check page) you should be able to receive the webinar transmission, however 2Mbps and above is likely to give a better experience.

If you want more info, here is what the help page says about internet speeds:


Slow download speeds or intermittent internet quality can cause 'drop outs' during the event.

If this happens to you and you have no audio/video during the event, do a quick refresh of your browser to reconnect all streams in the browser.

If you are not sure how to refresh your browser page it is worth doing a quick Google to find out how to do this before the webinar. Here is one search result that may be helpful: https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-refresh-a-webpage-on-Google-Chrome-browser

Two other things are known to sometimes cause problems for attendees and these are:

1. Some institutional firewalls will block the webinar transmission (this is a discussion to be had with technical support team at your institution), and

2. Some virus software can block the webinar transmission (if you think this might be a problem, turn off the virus software just before the webinar and turn it back on straight after).

For those with difficult institutional firewalls, one work-around is to use your own mobile device as the modem for this webinar instead of the internet service at your workplace. Your tech support team should be able to help you with that if you are not sure how to do this.

To find out if any of these things will be a problem for you at the next event, please take the time to run a system check using your Chrome browser from here (if possible take a screen snap or copy of the results on screen if you'd like to discuss them with us in advance of the webinar):

If you anticipate problems accessing the live event after doing the system check and had intended to join us live, please be in touch as soon as you can, preferably with a screen snap/photo of your System Check results.

We will be in touch as soon as we can about your results but unfortunately it will need to be at least 30mins before the webinar start time as we will be preparing to go live at that time and will not have a great deal of support time available from that point on.

If you would like to do a quick practice run to check the quality in advance of the live event we may be able to assist by running a "test" webinar for those who request it!
Let us know by emailing support@anzacbs.com

For those of you who are not seeing all those wonderful green ticks when you run the system check, we appreciate this is disappointing, and understand that you may wish to skip attending the event live in favour of accessing the replay in your member area the following day.

We appreciate all the comments that have been arriving as we work on delivering you this rare opportunity to spend quality time with some of our finest ACT Pioneers.
Thank you for growing with us :-)

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